About Us

About Green Grass Lawn Care

Since starting this company in 1981, it has been our goal to provide our customers with the best service and the most current information possible. Over 40 years later, we have two generations with nearly half a century of combined knowledge and hands-on experience in subjects ranging from turfgrass management to ornamental plant care. We are Certified Turfgrass Professionals through the University of Georgia and Licensed Horticulturists and Pesticide Applicators through the nation’s leading Agricultural Program (LSUag Center). Our continued education keeps us ahead of the curve on everything from newly identified pests to the latest and greatest chemical and cultural control practices. At Green Grass, we’re a family, and when you enlist our services, your lawn becomes one of our lawns.

5 Star Review

Extremely knowledgeable and awesome customer service! My lawn is beautiful and I absolutely love that I do not have any more weeds to fight!

Heidi Roth
5 Star Review

My lawn has improved so much since I started using Green Grass for my lawn care.

Amy Uddo
5 Star Review

My lawn looks great since using green grass! I’m so glad we called them.

Amanda Hall